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    Indonesia’s first blockchain innovation ecosystem where blockchain becomes the problem solution for businesses and a way of life

  • What is Blockchain?

    Blockchain is a simple yet ingenious way of passing information from A to B in a fully automated and safe manner. One party to a transaction initiates the process by creating a block. This block is verified by thousands, perhaps millions of computers distributed around the net. The verified block is added to a chain, which is stored across the net, creating not just a unique record, but a unique record with a unique history. Falsifying a single record would mean falsifying the entire chain in millions of instances. That is virtually impossible. Bitcoin uses this model for monetary transactions, but it can be deployed in many other ways.

  • What is BIT?

    BIT Group is a holding company that focuses on building frontier technology. BIT Group's most prominent project is Tokoin, a blockchain-based technology platform that brings identity as business profiles and credit scoring through tokenization. Furthermore, BIT Group will launch BIT Enterprise and BIT Capital to expand its services and cover more industrial sectors.

  • Enterprise
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  • Capital
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  • TokoPOS is a point-of-sales application that provides efficiency to run a business. Blockchain Integrated Transaction System or BITS makes your transactions stored more securely. With blockchain as the supporting technology, the data stored on TokoPOS is assured to be more secure than ever.

    TokoPOS Features:


    Enables you to see and track available stocks. Add profiles and make orders based on the customers' names.


    Check all transaction proofs and support refunds.


    See transaction history based on working hours.


    Organize items list and group them based on categories. Add discounts to provide interesting offers to customers.

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  • My-T Wallet is the first official digital wallet from Tokoin where you can store and transfer your TOKO token. Besides TOKO, you can also manage multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Check your balance, transaction history and securely send and receive cryptocurrencies in this all-in-one crypto app!

    My-T Wallet Features:


    You can lock your wallet by setting a PIN code or using a fingerprint to open the app.


    My-T Wallet has several types of coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.


    Easy to manage staking, digital assets and other mini programs

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  • About Us

    As a company that believes in Blockchain technology, our team brings together a unique group of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and skills to shape the BIT family and community today and move forward towards the future.

    We have dedicated and established backers (partners & investors) who believe and support our vision in building a very promising digital future ecosystem for businesses.

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  • About BIT

    • What is BIT?
      Blockchain Innovative Thinkers (BIT) is a recently founded holding company that focuses on building frontier technology.
    • When is BIT founded?
      Blockchain Innovative Thinkers (BIT) is established in 2020
    • What are the BIT’s running projects aside from Tokoin?
      BIT will be launching more services that could cover more industrial sectors in the future. Please stay tuned.

    About Blockchain

    • What is Blockchain?
      Blockchain is used to provide transparency through accurate shipping information, near-time market data, reputations, traceability, tracking and most importantly; a method to ensure purchase commitment and allow global participation. Tokoin aims to reduce the number of distributors in the supply chain and flatten the current gap between producers and resellers so that every partaker builds trust by delivering better value to each other. In Tokoin, we believe that trade and distribution should be easily trusted, transparent and equally empowering to all participants.
    • What is Tokoin?
      A platform that leverages blockchain technology to establish a valid identity and reputation of MSMEs. Tokoin uses blockchain-based solutions that allow Tokoin users to build a trust-able profile for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.
    • What is TOKO?
      TOKO is based on ERC-20, distributed on the Ethereum and is meant to be used for transactions at the exchange. Also, it is a prerequisite for using certain services on the Tokoin platform, including the business insights service provided by Tokoin.
    • Where is Tokoin based?
      By legal withstanding, we are based in Singapore but our operations will be worldwide. As the 1st country in our roadmap is Indonesia.
    • What problems does Tokoin solve?
      1. Unavailability of Data.
      2. High Barriers to Funding.
      3. Scaling Up the Developing Countries.
      4. The Absence of Reputation.
    • What is Tokoin’s Mission?
      To help businesses to scale, by building a trustworthy identity and credit scoring.
    • Where is Tokoin currently listed?
      We are currently listed in three exchanges:
      1. KuCoin
      2. BitMax
      3. BiKi
    • Who are Tokoin’s current Business Partners?
      The updated list of Tokoin’s Business partners could be found in our whitepaper.
    • Tokoin’s Milestones?
      Milestones could be found on our new version Whitepaper.

    About Products

    • What is TokoPOS?
      TokoPOS (Blockchain Integrated Transaction System) is a super application that uses a point-of-sale system that makes it easy for you to manage and run a business. Using blockchain technology, TokoPOS translates the data stored in the app into digital ledgers and digital business profiles that will facilitate businesses. This data will be used as a credit rating for businesses, especially MSMEs, to gain access to financial intermediaries, suppliers and service services in the blockchain-based Tokoin ecosystem.
    • What is My-T Wallet?
      My-T Wallet is the first official digital wallet from Tokoin where you can store and transfer your TOKO token. Besides TOKO, you can also manage multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Check your balance, transaction history, and securely send and receive cryptocurrencies in this all-in-one crypto app.
    • Why does MSME need our product?
      It will help the MSME to create their digital identity and credit scoring for their financial statement.
    • What is the relation of POS products with Token’s circulation?
      For every brand or any related party that needs to put the advertisement or open the data from MSME, they need to use our TOKO Token. Every brand can acquire TOKO Tokens through the exchange market.

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